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February 2018 Newsletter

A monthly roundup of our Industry Updates, Blogs and market information.

The ELD Mandate

Major regulatory changes can have a significant impact across an industry and the ELD Mandate is one of these major changes. Shippers should take note that as the ELD Mandate is implemented, the potential impact on the US trucking industry is real. The full article can be found HERE.

2018 Truck Capacity

Factor in strong consumer growth, low unemployment figures and an upswing in manufacturing and you get increased demand for trucking capacity. However, greater demands on already tight inland truck capacity will mean that shippers will certainly feel the crunch. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why truck capacity will be tight in 2018. The full article can be found HERE.

The History and Evolution of the Shipping Container - Part 1

Oh, the humble shipping container; they are everywhere. We see them on highways, watch them trundle by at railroad crossings, and if you live near a port city...well, you know the familiar sight of stacked containers waiting their next ports of call.

But it's more likely that those outside the logistics industry have no idea how much those colorful metal boxes revolutionized global shipping. The history and evolution of shipping containers is a story of how innovations in logistics can have a far-reaching impact. Click HERE to read the first in our 3-part series

Market Trends we're Watching

  • E-commerce continues to be a juggernaut that is influencing all modes of transport. We will address this topic in more detail in future articles, including how e-commerce will shape LCL and air freight over time.

  • Mega Vessels did not affect port performance in 2017 as much as anticipated at the port of Los Angeles, according to a recent review by CargoSmart. The review compares arrival and departure delays for non-mega vessel vs mega vessels with 10,000 or greater TEU capacity at the ports of Rotterdam, Shanghai and Los Angeles. Unlike the ports surveyed in the article, other US ports, like Port of Seattle, have experienced some issues. Port congestion there has resulted in longer wait times, increases in truck charges and port congestion surcharges. 


Back in April of 2017, we discussed the potential impact of the THE Alliance.

The latest news outlines new services launching in April 2018.The Alliance  Full blog article

The new product of THE Alliance will feature eight services in the Asia/Europe trade including three services covering the Mediterranean market. 16 joint services will be operated by THE Alliance members on the Trans Pacific trade. Seven loops will serve the North Atlantic trade covering a wide range of North European and Mediterranean ports as well as those in the US, Canada and Mexico and two in Middle East. 

Tips and What Ifs - What to do if your Shipment is Damaged in Transit 

It is inevitable that human error and bad luck will combine with the forces of gravity and nature. The result is water damaged cargo, pest infestation and breakage of all kinds. So what will you do if you receive an import shipment that has been damaged in transit? 

Latest News

February 2018 Newsletter

A monthly roundup of our Industry Updates, Blogs and market information.

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'Positive' Customs Regulations May Create Problems for Importers

Government is replete with instances of “Let’s make things more complicated for those who follow the law… that will stop illegal things from happening!” Welcome to the updated Lacey ...

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Is Savannah Poised to be the New Midwest Gateway?

Comparing one of the largest ports in the U.S. with an iconic baseball movie might seem like a stretch, but in the spirit of “Field of Dreams,” the Port of Savannah has become a model ...

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While US Auto Sales Improve, The Shipping Industry Cheers

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