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Port of Virginia May Be the Secret to Your Supply Chain Success

US ports are competing for your business and The Port of Virginia has taken some important steps toward future long-term success.bigstock-Norfolk-pinned-on-a-map-of-USA-95609615 (1).jpg

Big things are happening at The Port of Virginia (POV). 2016 saw record breaking container volumes with over 2.6 million 20-foot TEU’s moved. This represents a monthly average increase of 8,800 TEU’s. The port also posted an increase in import and export volumes year over year; 6 percent and 2.6 percent, respectively. Container volumes weren’t the only impressive increases. Rail volumes totaled 551,496 containers, a year over year increase of 14 percent. 

John Reinhart, CEO and executive director of the Virginia Port Authority (VPA) remarked “This record rail result placed The Port of Virginia as the highest rail-volume port on the East Coast, truly solidifying our position as the Mid-Atlantic’s global gateway.” 

Expanding the Gateway  

A $320 million project now underway at the Virginia International Gateway (VIG) terminal began in February of this year. This project will improve terminal handling capacity by nearly double. It is one of two major expansion projects in the works that will increase overall port capacity by 40 percent by 2020. That’s an increase of 1 million containers over current capacity. 

Some highlights of the VIG projects

Wharf Expansion
  • Addition of 650 feet
  • 3,750 feet at completion
  • Four additional Suez-class cranes
Stack and Container Yard Expansion
  • 13 additional container stacks
  • 26 additional rail-mounted gantry cranes
  • 28 stacks at completion
Rail Yard Expansion
  • 19,600 feet of track at completion for a total of eight tracks
  • Four cantilever rail mounted gantry cranes (CRMGs)
Gate Expansion
  • Four additional inbound gate lanes
  • 17 inbound and 13 outbound gate lanes when complete

There are good reasons why the Port of Virginia is an excellent choice for those seeking to improve supply chain efficiencies.

The Port of Virginia is a true hub port with an excellent combination of international carriers, intermodal rail service and inland trucking routes. Some of the stats from the POV site:
  • After the April 1st carrier alliance shuffle there are now nearly 30 international carriers calling on the Port
  • 40 international container, breakbulk and roll-on / roll-off vessels are serviced in an average week
  • Connections to 200+ countries around the world

Well-developed rail service

  • Between the Norfolk and Virginia International Gateway there are 2 Class 1 railroads serving the on-dock intermodal container transfer facilities.
  • Several short line partners augment this service including the Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line and the Commonwealth Railway.
  • Daily service via these rail connections can reach Ohio Valley and Upper Midwest customers quickly and efficiently with a total of 16 Midwest and Southeast inland points served by rail connections. Further improvements in intermodal rail into the US Southeast via new intermodal rail development in North Carolina are in the works.


Stable labor relations - According to the Port, there has not been a lost workday on the waterfront in 38 years. This is indeed an indication of a stable and harmonious relationship between Port management and the 1,500 members of the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA).

Other advantages
  • Deepest harbor on the US East coast
  • The only US East Coast port with Congressional authorization for 55-foot depth channels
  • The Virginia International Gateway (VIG) is one of the only functional automated container terminals in the Western Hemisphere

Virginia is for Lovers

Since 1969 the official Virginia travel slogan ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ has stood for all the things there is to love about the state. As your source for smart logistics solutions tailor-made for the requirements of your business, we think these days, cargo owners will find plenty of reasons to love the Port of Virginia and the many benefits it offers for successful supply chain management. After all, with a deep water port capable of servicing ships like the 13,000 TEU Cosco Development that also features state of the art terminal operations and quick rail connections into the US Midwest – what’s not to love?

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